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Speech School Review

Speech School Review

Speech School Review

You had English in school. Yet your legs shake at the thought of speaking English in public. Do you wish to overcome the obstacle? Do you wish to speak fluent English the way the native speakers do? If you are looking for an effective and reliable English Speaking Course, Speech School is the best program for you. Speech School is an online course for learning English vocabulary and accent. The program is composed in 2009 and their training service takes place in New Zealand and the UK. With their guidance, anyone can learn to speak fluent and poised English in no time. If you are interested in improving your speaking skill, you must give the program a try. Read my Speech School Review and find out more.

Type of Courses

Speech School includes two types of courses. Both courses are very effective for anyone who wants to learn English speaking and become an expert at it. The two types of courses include:

  • Expert Speaker: This course will help you speak English clearly. It will help you speak more confidently in English. Furthermore, you will learn how the use of synonyms varies from context to context.  You will learn what to say and how you should say it. You will no longer have any problems to give a speech in English after applying this course.
  • Expert Communicator: This course will teach you how to speak and communicate with people. Thus, it will improve your speaking skill. It will change the way you used to talk and make you a wonderful English speaker. It will develop your presentation skill.  After enrolling in this program, you will learn to communicate with people with ease and comfort. You will develop the courage to speak perfectly without mumbling.

How Speech School works

The Speech School shows you the step by step method of learning English quickly. Anyone who is interested in improving their accent can apply for this course. The course ensures multifaceted benefits to their customers:

  • Here, you will get the opportunity to learn English online for 10-20 minutes on weekly basis. These trainings are given by a professional voice coach.
  • Plus, you will be able to download the video tutorials. Thus you will be able to practise these exercises daily and improve yourself quickly.
  • The course offers easy learning audios and e-Books. These can be downloaded as well.
  • To know how much you have improved, Speech School provides a speech assessment opportunity. The test is available 24/7 so that you can plug in your microphone anytime to take a test and print out a report of it.

Speech School Customer Care

The customer care service of Speech School is extraordinarily reliable. You can contact them through e-mails and phone calls. They have a support forum where you can write all your queries. After signing up in the forum, you will receive a support reference number. Their customer service is very helpful. They provide their customers with proper and exact answers to their questions. The best thing about this customer care service is that they respond to your problems within 24 hours!

Speech School Course Fee

This Speech School course costs $39 only which is quite affordable for anyone. You might be wondering, is $39 worth it? I would say, absolutely. Do you know the Speech School offers a free trial to the customers? After your first free lesson, you have the option to decide whether to stay or not. This course will enhance your confidence. Who doesn’t want to get over their shyness and the habit of thinking twice about what they need to say? So, I suggest you guys to try Speech School and see for yourself.

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