Now, read this Shopify Review ( and learn how to use this Ecommerce Platform to Start Business Online and become a successful Retailer.

Shopify Review

Shopify Review

Shopify Review

Are you looking for a place to start an online business by building an online store? Then Shopify is the right place for you. Shopify is an ecommerce platform where you can build an online store and start your business as soon as possible. This shopping cart is considered as a cart of reasonable and affordable price. Don’t have any idea about how to start your business? Shopify also teaches you how to start off your business and how to keep it on track. This is the best platform for the beginners. Read my Shopify Review to get an in-depth knowledge about this breakthrough.

Pros of Shopify

Shopify has more than hundreds of cool looking themes to make your online retail business look ever better. This cart contains many awesome and unique looking templates which make your internet shopping more exiting and beautiful. Shopify also has a theme store from where you can choose premium themes for your shop. These themes are very professional which makes your online shop look clean and professional. It contains an app store from where you can accumulate many new and awesome apps. Shopify helps you to understand about internet business. It points out the appropriate application for your online business. The tools Shopify offer are pretty easy to use. All you have to do is click and start. This saves a lot of your precious time.

The Cost of Shopify

Shopify has five different types of plans:

· Shopify Lite, which costs $9 per month.

· Basic Shopify, which costs $29 per month.

· Shopify, which costs $79 per month.

· Advanced Shopify, this costs $299 per month.

· Shopify Plus, this plan’s price isn’t fixed.

Now you all must be wondering that is these a fair price? I would say definitely. Everything they say about this awesome website is true indeed. It’s as good as they say. These prices are pretty reasonable considering their service. Just try this awesome online shopping cart and see for yourself. In case you are confused, Shopify offers you a free trial of 14 days. In this free trial, you can use everything as they unlock all the features of their site and get a good idea about this cart.

Customer Care Service of Shopify

The customer care of Shopify is very reliable and sincere. You can contact the customer care service through phone calls, email and live chat. When you’re having trouble finding out things you don’t know and you have no one to turn to, that’s when Shopify customer service will help you. The customer support team is available 24/7 and is always there to assist you. They provide you with the right and exact answer to all your difficult quarries. The customer service of Shopify is famous for its helpful customer care crew. All the clients of this product are satisfied with the helpline of Shopify.



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