Now, read this SEO Clerks Review and find out whether SEO Clerks ( is Real or Scam Freelance IT Service and is it Value for Money.

SEO Clerks Review

SEO Clerks Review

SEO Clerks Review – Real or Scam Service?

Originally, started off in 2011 by Jordan Delozier, SEO Clerks promises its users an increased number of visitors to their website. What’s more, SEO Clerks help in placing their respective websites to a much higher rank in the search engine results. From Facebook followers to Backlinks, SEO Clerks avails a number of utilities in an economical price ranging from $1 to $1000. So, are you looking for a reliable source for promoting your website; while earning a handsome amount of money?  Furthermore, read my foregoing SEO Clerks Review and decide for yourself.

SEO Clerks Review and Jordan Delozier

Basically, Jordan Clerks, the owner of SEO Clerks took the initiative to open up such a company only to ensure a safer SEO service to the customers. Quickly, assembling a team of freelancers, the company offers a multitude of SEO services in a very reasonable price.

Services SEO Clerks offer

Today, from micro jobs to optimizing search engines, SEO Clerks renders a plethora of online job opportunities for the enthusiasts. Therefore, this is an open platform where anyone can suggest a service by which they can earn cash. Thus, according to the diction of the SEO related jobs, he will be considered as a seller. And the best part is, for his service a seller can charge whatever amount of money he wants—there is virtually zero limits for it. So, here are some of the services available in SEO Clerks:

· Writing articles online

· Reviewing blogs

· Creating backlinks

· Buying and selling traffics

· Promoting social media and websites

· Submitting articles and directories

· Providing voice overs

· Translating

· Designing and placing advertising banners

· Resolving WordPress conflicts and issues

· Creating WordPress sites

· Graphics designing

· Sponsoring tweets

· Web hosting

So how does SEO Clerks work?

Simply, as per my earlier claim, sellers can offer services in the SEO Clerks website. Thus, they can sell a service, an article, tweets, blog reviews, eBooks, software, or a theme. First, a seller has to determine any of the aforementioned categories. For example, he wants to sell one of his blog reviews. So, he must determine an attractive title for his review and decide the price he will charge for it. If desired, the seller may offer a guarantee for the service offered.

Now, for the buyers, they are at liberty to cancel their orders if something goes wrong; for example, if a seller fails to provide the work on time. Here, SEO Clerks requests their clients to resolve their conflicts themselves. Therefore, the sellers only receive the money after handing over their service to the buyers. Meanwhile, SEO Clerks require 20% commission from the price.

SEO Clerks’s Services by Categories

The buyers can search for services by choosing from the following 7 Categories. First, buy a service. Second, buy an article. Third, buy tweets. Fourth, buy blog reviews. Fifth, buy eBooks. Sixth, buy software. Finally, it’s Buy themes.

Payment Process

Generally, the way the payment process works here is al follows. After choosing a category, a buyer has to post in the WTB section. Thus, the buyer receives a number of bids based on the demand. The buyer can also look for services in the Want to Trade section. After that, the buyer can contact the seller via email or chatting instantly in the management panel. The payments are done through PayPal, Payza and Bitcoins.


Primarily, SEO Clerks is a promising website. Typically, it has been designed to ease your online trading in a reliable platform. Now, thousands of users all over the world are being assisted by the services provided by the company. Today, if you want to kick start a successful online trading, start with SEO Clerks and see yourself thriving in a couple of months.

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