Here outlined is our Privacy Policy for A2Z Product Reviews, which includes information about log files, web beacons and double click dart cookies. Furthermore, you will also discover information of our third party links and affiliate disclosure.

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy for A To Z Product Reviews

The privacy of our readers to A 2 Z Product Reviews is very crucial to us. At A 2 Z Product Reviews, we understand that privacy of your personal data is very important. Listed here are Privacy Policy information on what types of personal data we get and collect when you visit A 2 Z Product Reviews, and what we do to keep safe your data. We will never trade your data with third party companies.

Log Files

Like all the other websites, we gather and utilize information contained in log files. The data in the log files contain your IP (internet protocol) address, your ISP (internet service provider), the internet browser you utilize (such as Google), the time and date you visit our site and the pages you visit.

Cookies and Web Beacons

Just like the other websites, we use cookies to collect data for up to 30 days or more, we store information, such as your preferences. This might be showing as popup. Furthermore, we regularly use third party advertising services (such as Google AdWords) to promote our website. Some of these companies might be using cookies when they display ads on our website, which might send these companies your data including your IP, ISP and the internet browser you are using. Cookies and Web Beacons are normally used for geotargeting reasons.

Double Click Dart Cookies

It is also possible that we might utilize Dart Cookies for advertising via Google’s Double Click Dark Cooks. What this does is places cookies on your hardware when you surf the net and visit a site that is using Double Click (such as Google AdSense ad). This cookie is also known as an interest based targeting cookie, because it targets your interest.

Are Dart Cookies Safe?

Remember, this type of cookies does not collect personal (such as your email, address nor bank details) information, so they are safe. The information collected is for advertising purposes only, but you should be able to stop the ad serving by visiting You can also use software to block these cookies, but by blocking these cookies might affect your ability to visit and interact with certain websites. By stopping, blocking or deleting cookies does not mean that you are permanently free from cookies. The next time you login, the cookies are surely likely to be knocking on your screen again.

Third Party Links

As a reviews site, we are always reviewing 3rd party products. Therefore, we utilize third party affiliate links to promote our services and products. These 3rd party products and services are not owned nor managed by us. We cannot be responsible for 3rd party privacy policy, websites, links or ads. It’s important that you take extra precaution when you visit such 3rd party links. You should read their privacy policy with regards to data collection and data protection.

A 2 Z Product Reviews cannot be held liable for the validity of the information on the site, nor any fault that may occur because of software errors.

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