Now, read this Phone Detective Review ( and discover how to Reverse Phone Lookup in order to find details of any Phone Owners today.

Phone Detective Review

Phone Detective Review

Phone Detective Review

Have you ever wanted to find out that unknown phone number which is bothering you or your family members? Therefore, in this Phone Detective review, I will investigate the Phone Lookup website. This product lets you use a Reverse Phone Lookup method to find out details about any cell phone or landlines. Therefore, read my full Phone Detective Review and find out more.

What exactly is the Phone Detective?

The Phone Detective is a web based program which lets you search for details about a person using only his/her phone number. Therefore, all you need to do is put the phone number in the search bar of the website and Phone Lookup will find you the details. Generally, this includes information like name, job history, family details, birthday and other details of the phone owner. Thus, you can use the website on a trial basis or you can subscribe for premium access.

Why do I need to use Phone Detective?

Reverse Phone Lookup service is quite popular now in the US. It uses US national databases as its resource ensures the accurate search results almost every time. Thus, you can use the Phone Detective service to search for a long time friend, verify a certain address. Or simply to look for the prank caller or extortionist who is bothering you on the phone. Moreover, the Phone Lookup service is legal and completely safe to use.

Benefits and disadvantages of the Phone Detective

If you subscribe for the premium option, you will be able to do vast amount of specific searches. Because, most of the time, Phone Lookup brings you the accurate results. Plus, another great thing about the Phone Lookup website is its dedicated customer support. The website has very tight security and it assures maximum protection of your privacy. Thereby, all your personal information and search results will be highly confidential. Once subscribed to the premium service, you will be entitled to unlimited amount of mobile, landline and listed number searches. The subscription is a one-off payment which means that you don’t need to renew it every year. Compared to other similar websites, Phone Lookup is relatively cheaper and secure.

The first disadvantage of the Phone Detective is that the service is available only within the United States of America. Phone Lookup uses US database for your search results, that’s why it is unable to bring you results of phone owners from other countries. Second disadvantage is that it is not fully flawless. It shows successful results 95 out of 100 times. That figure is not that bad if you compare it with other similar services. Finally, the site doesn’t have live support. It relies mainly on email communication.

Price of the Phone Detective reverse phone lookup

You can subscribe to the premium program by paying $39.99 per year. There is also a per search fee of $14.99. So, if you are looking forward to search for multiple people, the annual plan is better for you.

Final Verdict

After trying the Phone Detective myself, I can say that it is comparably better reverse phone lookup service around. It provides better security, confidentiality and accuracy. This service is worth a shot.

Phone Detective

Phone Detective


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