Now, read this Card Recovery Pro Review ( and discover how to recover deleted or virus infected files from SD Memory Cards today.

Card Recovery Pro Review

Card Recovery Pro Review

Card Recovery Pro Review

Have you ever accidentally deleted photos from your camera or phone? Do you wish to bring back the photos, videos and audio files that you lost from your micro SD Memory Cards? Therefore, remember to be careful while choosing recovery software because malicious software damages your device. Read this full Card Recovery Pro Review and learn more.

Is Card Recovery Pro effective?

So is there any effective software out there? The answer is yes and it’s Card Recovery Pro. If you want to recover corrupted or formatted photos from your memory card, then use this software right away. When I lost photos from my Android phone, I used it and successfully recovered all my files. Being satisfied with their service, I’m writing this review for the ones who are having a hard time finding the best recovery software.

What is Card Recovery Pro?

Card Recovery Pro is easy-to-follow recovery software. It can recover deleted, formatted or virus infected photos, videos, songs and audio files from memory card. It is reliable, easily operate and it’s as simple as that. 

What can you recover using Card Recovery Pro?

The things you can recover using the recovery card is the following. Firstly, you can recover corrupted, formatted and mistakenly deleted photos from micro storage card, SDHC micro card and CompactFlash (CF) card. Seondly, you can retrieve JPG files from micro SD card. Thirdly, you can recover images from DSLR cameras. Fourthly, you can recover MP4, AVCHD, 3GP, AVI, MKV, DIVX,VOB, OGG ,ASX , 3G2 and many other video files. Fifthly, you can recover RAW image files of digital cameras, such as Canon, Samsung, Sony, Nikon, Fuji and many other popular brands of digital cameras. Sixthly, you can recover any multimedia files that WINDOWS OS supports. Seventhly, you can recover JPEG, GIF, Paint Shop, PCT, PSP and BMP files from your micro secure digital cards. Finally, you can recover your karaoke and other music files.

Is it hard to operate?

SD Card Recovery Pro is easy-to-use software. Let’s see the step-by-step method to recover files using the software. Firstly, download and install Card Recovery Pro. Secondly, connect your memory card with your device. Thirdly, run Card Recovery Pro. Fourthly, start scanning. Fifthly, select files you want to recover. Finally, click Recover.

How to recover lost files using your PC?

If you want to recover photos from your digital camera and mobile phone, you need a PC that has a SD card reader. Follow these six steps to recover your deleted files using your personal computer. Firstly, insert micro SD card to SD card converter. Secondly, slide the micro storage card to your PC’s card reader. Thirdly, open the SD card within “Undelete Plus”. Fourthly, open “My Computer” and select SD card reader’s logo. Fifthly, start scanning. Finally, select the files you want to recover and click “Start Undelete” to get your lost data right away.

Final Verdict

Readers, no more wasting time surfing the internet. Visit the official website and register Card Recovery Pro. You won’t be disappointed, trust me. This product pays your money back if you notify them within 60 days of your purchase. You can also get their support if you have difficulty using their product.

Card Recovery Pro Review

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